Love Is All Around Us..
Kristen Stewart out and about in LA.

Kristen Stewart out and about in LA.

Kristen Stewart + white suit + guitar (x)

Claudia and Jimmy……….




Oh damn I needed a good laugh!


You’ve got some… The drool.

Jenny Lewis - ‘Just One of the Guys’ (features Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Brie Larson)


Still the best fanvideo which has ever been made. And every fucking one should watch that at least once, before say even one bad word about her.


Kristen Stewart looks stunning after cutting her lovely locks off. She is at The Chanel Fashion Show..


Kristen Stewart looks stunning after cutting her lovely locks off. She is at The Chanel Fashion Show..

Twilight: behind the sparkles.

What you didn’t know about Twilight.


And he still knows…..


And he still knows…..

Hi, I'm one of those who goes and looks at different blogs about R&K. There only a few that I really like and yours is one of them. The first that I found when I was looking was Robert Pattinson Intoxication. She don't think like we do about the baby and I made a comment because she kind of made fun of us who do. One of her followers said that Kristen gain weight back from what she had to lose for BD1. Then said she had to gain it for COSM. Just wondering have you heard anything I haven't.


These ppl have been making every excuse under the sun! K gained weight WHILE filming COSM… In what universe does an actress do that?? And she continued to gain AFTER filming the movie and after being named the face of Chanel’s Dallas-Paris collection…again what actress continues to gain weight (if they don’t have to a.k.a they are pregnant!!!) after getting this kind of endorsement deal? You just don’t do that in HW!

K did get really thin for BD1/2… But that was because she got in really great shape and she’s naturally thin to begin with (bitch…I love you Kristen… But seriously can I borrow your metabolism!) remember when RK joked with Josh at the hand print interview about working out and K had never really worked out before? She’s just an active girl!

Also the excuse of her gaining after BD doesn’t make any sense!!! She was just as SKINNY if not more so JULY of Paris FW… it had been almost 3 YEARS since she filmed BD1/2 so if she was gonna gain weight after BD it would have been awhile ago!!

HWLies… Did stories of her gaining weight for both Still Alice and more recently AU… And I just found out that AU takes place primarily in 24hr time frame… The person that read the script said it would make no sense for her to gain the weight for the role only to lose most of it 3 weeks before filming ended.. Really curious how they worked around her pregnancy and then later after her giving birth!

So one more time for the record though I feel like a broken record since this has got to be the umpteenth time I’ve gone through this timeline!!

July 2013
K super skinny

 photo 71413ADA-2142-40E9-91E9-BCBCCF95F21F_zps4cf1k3fd.jpg

Aug 2013
K put on some weight while filming Camp X-Ray

 photo 4EE07276-DEE8-43C4-A09C-B30C1CA42C89_zpsj4fn5chk.jpg

Sept 2013
K filming COSM

 photo 5FF7B4EF-42E4-47DB-8A11-D260BD29A104_zpsvegrxrgx.jpg

Oct 2013
K does skinny dipping scene many of us suspicious

 photo 5EC2636B-1D8A-4388-84C3-6238DC94E975_zpskkmvildl.jpg

Nov 2013
K home from filming still seems to be gaining and has changed how she wears her clothes

 photo 8673C0F2-B6DF-4A24-8219-3493D95B27F1_zpstsgfeygp.jpg

Dec 2013
K/Chanel event as far as I’m concerned PG!

 photo 55641647-B807-44C6-8BAB-C2ECF2917FBD_zps7zgty3j3.jpg

Jan 2014
K at Sundance! Super conscious of hiding her belly
(If she was gaining for a role she wouldn’t hide it she’d flaunt it!)

 photo F5A83AA5-7AA4-4A32-B48E-37125BABF7B4_zpsaml4z0ka.gif

Feb 2014
photo shoot with Tara… We see the baby move!!

 photo 602B7009-D9F9-4058-98D3-29285F4768B1_zpsv5hcejmx.gif

March 2014
Films Still Alice… Again if she’s gained weight for the role then why’s she all covered up so we CAN’T TELL?!!!

 photo 21542C7F-535A-4F8C-BFE1-F60F5CA05B9D_zpsjewqkhs3.jpg And yet something’s are hard to hide! Lol this fan pic was taken about a month before the baby was born.

April 2014
Starts AU we get 1 week of pix & then NOTHING from set! …

 photo A02E0CB1-1CA7-495D-AB83-FD7CDA7BE7AE_zpsae32kpm6.jpg

I suspect baby born around Easter….

May 5 2014…MET GALA… K looks great but still not back to fighting weight… I heard rumors that she was required to go to met due to her contract with Chanel

 photo 827B5DAC-9F99-42D1-A47C-74B7FC2B0E1E_zpsxj7qfeau.jpg

May 23 2014… Cannes… No doubt our girl’s just about back to her normal fighting weight…but with some noticeable new curves!

 photo 87BB2604-ABCE-4B03-BFA3-ABD318922EEC_zpswxu6narv.jpg

Anyone can do the math! The timelines tells the story!

 photo 580578CA-C194-435A-9D25-818A88067E9D_zpshvzozq0a.gif Was that as good for you as it was for me?! Lol


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